U.S. Inbound Outsourcing Suite

Whitley Penn provides access to a suite of services for Non-U.S. companies operating within the U.S.  We have the international knowledge that is applied on a cross-functional basis to help manage the accounting framework for your U.S. growth.  We have the agility to ramp up or ramp down these services as the business changes.  The engagement will be customized to match all of your reporting needs for your U.S. enterprise.

Whether you are new to the U.S. market or are simply expanding your U.S. market presence, we can provide a range of cost-effective controller functions in lieu of hiring full time administrative and accounting staff:

  • Reporting and accountability to a Non-U.S. Head office
  • Controllership book-entry accounting
  • Management of U.S. payroll functions and staff onboarding
  • Vendor settlement
  • Invoicing
  • Collection management
  • GaaP to IFRS conversions
  • Hosting all U.S. tax functions
  • And most any accounting service the Non-U.S. Parent would need from within the U.S.

Whitley Penn is a proud member of HLB International, a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms.

Formed in 1969, HLB services clients through their member firms in 159 countries, with more than 32,000 partners and staff in 968 offices worldwide.  HLB is currently the 11th largest global network and was named the Network of the Year at the 2020 Digital Accountancy Awards.

For more information about HLB, visit their website at www.hlb.global.