Insights-Driven Accounting Solutions

What is an Insights-Driven accounting solution?

An insights-driven accounting solution is a system of processes and technologies that provides four main benefits:

  1. Integrated systems –  Custom-built design to allow seamless flow of information to all systems within the organization
  2. Continuous close cycle – Real-time access to updated information allows for a smooth closing process
  3. Dashboards & reporting – by integrating all of your systems and having information stored in one place, reporting becomes much easier and allows for quicker decision making
  4. Actionable takeaways – Our Virtual Controllers/CFOs can help you turn your reports into insight and advice on how to move forward

Compare these benefits to some common issues that you might run into:

  • Manually organizing spreadsheets and re-entering information into multiple places
  • Finding makeshift ways to get older, less robust systems to work together
  • Scrambling to get month and year-end closing done on time
Below are ways that our team can use an insights-driven solution to make the accounting process easier.

Ways WP Edge Can Help

Technology We Use

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