The history of Whitley Penn was established in 1983 by three founding partners: B. Glen Whitley, Jim Penn, and Mark Topel. Whitley Penn has fostered an environment that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and an “open-door policy.” The firm has become one of the region’s most distinguished public accounting firms by providing exceptional service that reaches far beyond traditional accounting. We believe in working in collaborative teams without creating any barriers to communication with management. We learn, innovate and succeed by sharing knowledge, embracing diversity and working together.

We know that too much work is counterproductive, so we encourage our professionals to achieve a balance that is conducive to personal and professional goals. We frequently engage in company activities, and we support community involvement. Time away from work to be with family is never discouraged.

We seek to invest in our employees both professionally and personally by providing ongoing education opportunities, flexible work hours and a strong work-life balance.

Our Mission

The primary mission of Whitley Penn – from its inception to today – has been to provide an unmatched level of high-quality service to our clients. Focusing on this mission ensures consistent improvement as our firm continues to expand, diversify and grow its clients, services, and professionals. This is accomplished in three ways:

  1. Hiring the best of the best
  2. Having a detailed knowledge of the intricate business of accounting
  3. Constantly innovating to refine our practice

Our Values

The presence of ethics and integrity in every area of accounting are critical. Our history of professional ethics is the foundation for everything we do. From the way we serve our clients in the manner in which we run our company, our affairs are conducted with the utmost virtue.