If you are WordPress blogger and having Facebook Profile or Page. Absolutely you are looking for WordPress plugin. Who automatically submit your wordpress blog posts to facebook pages/profiles.
To overcome this problem, there are lots of way to do this job, My personal one is using “Add Link To Facebook” wordpress plugin.

Plugin Notable Features:-

  1. Automatically add links to pages and profiles.
  2. Configure yourself  thumbnails images.
  3. Integrate  Facebook Comments.
  4. Sidebar Widget.
  5. Like/Dislike Button.
  6. BBPress Support.
  7. Copy Fb comments to your Wordpess Database.

Add Link To Facebook” plugin required facebook App to connect with your WordPress blog. So follow these steps to create facebook app.

How To Create Facebook App For Your WordPress Blog:-

1. First logged in to your Facebook account then visit Facebook Developer Page.



2. Click on “Create New App” one pop-up screen will appear to asking you App display name & App name space.

In next step, just verify captcha and publish your Facebook App.



(First Tab)
(Second Tab)

3. So we need to add our wordpress domain name or some other useful information.
click on “Edit App” button and fill out all required fields same like two screenshots images. After that go to to bottom and click “Save Changes


4, Now its time to copy your App Id/Api key & App Secret key to paste in your wordpress plugin, just do it.

Note: if you are still unable to create or understand these steps. Search YouTube for “How To Create Facebook App”. Please, check latest release tutorials. Becouse, time to time Facebook team update or upgrade Developer Pages.


Install “Add Link To Facebook” plugin on your WordPress Blog. After installation follow “Add Link to facebook needs configuration“. This message will appear on your wordpress admin panel. Otherwise follow  “Tools >> Add Link To Facebook“  same like secreenshot image.


Please, put your App ID and App Secret keys and press “save” button.  in next step, Plugin ask you for Authorize.

if plugin successfully authorize message will appear “Plugin is authorized“.


If you have already Page/Profile on Facebook, it’s ok, Otherwise, Please create new page and then click on “Additional settings“.

Select your page in “Add to page:” and save changes.


Now, it’s good time to create new post.  Please check screenshots image and understand it carefully. When you press “Publish” automatically plugin access your facebook page and your entry will display in fews seconds. if you don’t want to share some post on facebook, just checked “Do not add link to Facebook “.

Friends, I’ve spend much to prepare this tutorial. Please test it and share your experience in comments. Thanks :)

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