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December 12, 2012
by Sarah

WordPress 3.5 ‘Elvin’ Launches A Totally Superior Media Manager, Responsive Default Theme and Retina Support

WordPress has recently launched the next upgrade which is the version 3.5 of its CMS and self-hosted blogging platform. The latest version, called as ‘Elvin’ in honor of drummer Elvin Jones. The version somehow changes how the WordPress users get to interact with the images along with several other useful tweaks that have been added to the application.

The very thing you will get to notice once you upgrade to the latest version is the integrated image Uploader tool. According to WordPress, they have been working with al attest image management system, and it happens to be an incredible experience. The statement adds more that the developers have been listening to what consumers mentioned and this lead to creating a completely new system. Continue Reading →

November 7, 2012
by Ahmed Iqbal
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How To Hide WordPress Version From Header And Feeds

WordPress put it’s version information in your blog header and feeds RSS. Your blog visitors easily find out what exact version you are running now. They also capable to trace out your version number in RSS or Atom feeds. if you always run current release of wordpress. So don’t worry about it, if you are lazy to update your wordpress version time to time, Hiding your  wordpress version is a good solution to prevent security risks.

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November 1, 2012
by Ahmed Iqbal

How To Put NoFollow Attribute On WordPress External Links

WordPress Built-in functionality not support nofollow attribute for external links. In some cases, Google crawl misleading links and Google webmaster 404 errors graph rising day by day. Well, I’m not going to tech you how to fix 404 errors. But i want to show you code snippet to prevent crawling external links from Google crawler. Continue Reading →

October 31, 2012
by Ahmed Iqbal

Simple Code Snippet To Disable Your WordPress RSS Feed

WordPress built-in RSS feed help your blog visitors to up to date with latest. WordPress allow blogger to share summary feed or full-text feed in various formats like RDF and RSS2. Defiantly, your blog reader’s are using some kind of tool to read your feed updates.
However, if your are not interested to share your RSS feeds or  some other blogger coping your content by using your RSS feed. So i want to show you simple trick to disable your wordpress built-in RSS feed. Continue Reading →

October 16, 2012
by Ahmed Iqbal

How To Upload JPEG Images On WordPress With Original Quality

We observed some peoples confused with wordpress upload system, Actually wordpress upload decrease JPEG image quality.
However, maybe normal users did not noticed, But Photographer noticed this type of problem.
I’m not sure wordpress decrease image quality to 80% or 90%. But if you looking for solution of this problem.
I want to share  one code snippet with you. Continue Reading →