Here at WP-edge we are always looking to improve out knowledge and obtain new skill sets. As you know we are typically a webpage coding group but we are now starting to branch out into other types of engineering disciplines. We have a strong interest in product design and mechanical engineering and one of the best software packages for doing mechanical design is SolidWorks

Solidworks is an awesome 3D modeling program used by engineers and designers. It is a feature tree based system that is incredibly intuitive to use for new inventors. For the most part it is point, click and modify to create new features. We absolutely love this and have made several models. We even exports a few of the models to make a 3D print. This printing technology is absolutely awesome. Dream, Design, and prototype in a day. We have been playing with it for a couple weeks now and there is certainly a learning curve involved. We have been using as a resource for learning the software. They have excellent how-to video and tutorial videos and write ups for the solidworks program.

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