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How To: Replace WordPress Images Smileys With Font-Based Emoticons


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An Emoticons are mostly used in mail & forms of conversation such as commenting and chatting. Indeed, most popular Emoticons are smiling and sorrow faces to show your expressions and feelings. No doubt, Emoticons are also used in blogging specifically WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. WordPress default emoticons packed up with images formats. Unfortunately, i am not much interested to use them .
Wait a second, one the most handy plugin is available on wordpress plugin repository, Font Emotions plugin help us to replace all smileys images with font emoticons. Don’t worry, the plugin¬† emoticons will have the same size as the surrounding text, They also ways fit the font-size. your emotions have the same colour as surrounding text.


Please check available font based smileys included in the plugin are shown bellow:


The plugin is not required any complicated setting to figure it out. Simplely, download font emoticons from worpdress repository and enjoy it.

Soruce: Font Emoticons on WordPress

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