Disqus is a very useful commenting  system for web blog  users. Disqus allow users to spam free reliable platform to share everything…

WordPress blogger use “Disques Comment System” plugin to enable disqus on their websites.

Unfortunately, Last month i have received Google Webmaster Tool emails. Your 404 errors pages increased in Google crawl. When i checked my webmaster tool. im shocked, 10,000 404 error pages listed here :(

i find out these 404 errors are due to disqus commenting system. What happen? Google crawled all dynamic disqus JavScript assembled links. According to some other blog source, When peoples reported to Google they replied it’s happening due to Disqus. and disqus replied, why Google crawl these links whout any sense?… :(

So, how to resolve issue? removing disqus or ignoring these 404 errors? in my opnion both options are not good solution for nasty 404 errors. Guys Don’t remove disqus just follow these steps to fix that problem easily.. :p

i obsarved, 404 Errors display in two or three types

URL 1: http://your-blog.com/1234567891012

and second

URL 2: http://your-blog.com/my-firstpost/1234567891012/1234567891012
URL 3: http://your-blog.com/my-firstpost/comment-page/1234567891012/

if you want to fix 1st one ? i’ve prepaird code snippet for redirect these broken urls.

function disqusBorkenUrlsValidation() {
  if (preg_match('|/([0-9]{13})|', $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], $match)) {
			return $match;

function disqusBorkenUrls() {
	if (is_404() && disqusBorkenUrlsValidation() == true) {


add_action('template_redirect', 'disqusBorkenUrls');

Just copy and paste code in “Theme >> functions.php

What exactly code do for you? First code find out 404 error page. if 404 page happening, code redirect 404 page to blog home page.

Following code snippet fix your 404 errors urls look like “URL 1: http://your-blog.com/1234567891012

Second solution is “Permalink Finder” install plugin on your wordpress blog and activate it.

Permalink finder plugin will fix your URL No 2 and 3 errors. how? Simply plugin capable to find out real post permalink urls. So plugin redirect bad 404 Urls to right permalink.

Plugin setting page available in “Settings >> Permalink-Finder” Select your suitable setting and robots.txt, sitemap.xml handling is bonus stuff.

After that, login to your Google Webmaster account and test 404 errors Urls. if your problem fixed? Mark As Fixed and 404 errors will disappears in few hour or days. If our tutorial proved helpful for you? Please comment here :p

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