If you’re a newcomer to website design and are unfamiliar with the process, you’d probably be confused by the amount of information out there on website design. Much of it is a lot of nonsense. Really, the basics of creating a WordPress website are quite simple. There are just 5 easy steps using which you can create a beautiful, professional looking WordPress website. We recommend WordPress because it is the best CMS (content management system) in the world and almost 25 percent of all websites on the internet use WordPress.

So, here’s how to design a beautiful WordPress website in 5 easy steps…

Step 1: Secure a Domain Name and Web Hosting

You may think of your website as your personal real estate on the World Wide Web. A domain is your address; it is how people locate you on the internet. It’s not an easy thing to secure the right domain name as it is possible the one that you want has already been taken by someone else.

So, use your creativity and find unique domain names that are relevant to your business. The shorter and more memorable the domain name, the better. Domain names with generic TLDs (top level domains) such as .com, .org, .net and .info cost around $12/year on most domain name registrars. You should consider registering the domain name with your web hosting provider – this makes managing the domain simpler.

Now, let’s talk about web hosting. A web hosting provider offers virtual land on the internet where your website resides. The importance of hiring the right web hosting provider for your website cannot be emphasized enough. Hosting services vary widely in terms of quality and price – you should look for the right balance between the two. You can get web hosting for your WordPress website for just $5/month. A good web hosting provider offers security, reliability, speed and can be trusted implicitly.Godaddy

Step 2: Install WP to cPanel

cPanel is the best Linux based web hosting control panel in the world which is used by a majority of WordPress websites. Installing WordPress in a domain managed by cPanel is easy. Here’s how it is done…

1) Download the latest version of WordPress to laptop or PC.

2) Go to the cPanel’s main page, then scroll down to the Databases section, click on the MySQL databases link and follow the instructions to set up the database for your website.

3) Next, modify the config file to wp-config.php while uploading the WordPress.

4) Lastly, run the installer from a web browser. This is the final step that ties in everything together and installs WordPress to the cPanel.

Step 3: Install Theme (customizr is a good example)

A WordPress theme controls how your website looks like. It may be compared to the paint on the walls of your house. It is how you represent your content and what people see when they first visit the website. A WordPress theme basically consists of a lot of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript files that are programmed specifically to host WordPress content. There are several great themes available for WordPress, one we recommend very highly is Customizr. It is easy to customize and is very versatile. It gives your website a professional look.

Step 4: Hire Graphic Designers from Fiverr

Art is something very subjective and how you present the graphics on your website decide whether people like your website and stay on for longer or just hit the back button and leave. The graphic design should appeal to as many people as possible. One of the most affordable ways to get professional graphic design done is to hire designers on Fiverr – an online marketplace for talented freelancers from over 200 countries. While hiring from Fiverr, be sure to check the ratings and user reviews of the graphic designers and hire only the best.

Step 5: Import Images and Content 

Content management is the key to your website. You can write the content yourself or get it written from talented freelance writers on freelance platforms such as oDesk.com, Elance.com and Fiverr.com, among many. Once you get a few articles and blog posts written, find great stock images on the internet and upload them onto your website.

That’s it; these are the 5 easy steps to design a beautiful WordPress website.

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