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March 3, 2013
by admin

How To Remove WordPress Auto Generated Paragraphs Tags


Its true, WordPress automatically puts some paragraphs tags all over your posts. Of course it considered a useful feature. But sometimes it creates a lot of troubles for Programmers and Template Designers. So you can remove the paragraph tags by using filter into the “functions.php” file of worpdress theme. Continue Reading →

December 27, 2012
by Ahmed Iqbal

How To: Replace WordPress Images Smileys With Font-Based Emoticons

A student holds a placard during a protest in front of the Greece embassy in Buenos Aires

An Emoticons are mostly used in mail & forms of conversation such as commenting and chatting. Indeed, most popular Emoticons are smiling and sorrow faces to show your expressions and feelings. No doubt, Emoticons are also used in blogging specifically WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. WordPress default emoticons packed up with images formats. Unfortunately, i am not much interested to use them . Continue Reading →