SEO Hosting

Learning about new SEO techniques and creating a website can seem like an enormous and impossible task. With so much to learn that it leaves a website owner asking the question, Where do I begin

Search engines always reward websites with high rankings if the websites meet the qualifications: quality content, no link farms, no spam, etc. But if search engines still favor traditional methods, why are web hosting companies offering non-traditional methods to their clients

Before web hosting companies offered SEO hosting services, websites owners were asking other website owners to link back to their websites, while others preferred to submit articles to article directoriesI remember when I submitted articles to Ezineto gain backlinks. hosting-1Unfortunately, these SEO techniques turned into a waste of time for two reasons: it was time consuming to get backlinks from article directories, and since the Google Panda update, a lot of content farms article directories were penalized by Google.

In 2010, I launched my first website, a website dedicated to photographers and writers around the world. I had a tremendous amount of organic traffic, and I was satisfied with my website. Nonetheless, soon after the Panda update in February 2011, I was disappointed to discover that my website was penalized by Google, apparently I created low-quality contentI was also part of a linking farm.

Guilty of being part of a linking far, I began to search for other methodslegit SEO strategiesto gain organic traffic again. I was determined to make my website popular, but when I heard about SEO hosting for the first time, I was confused. I knew I had to study more in depth how Google ranks sites that are using the hosting method.

After a thorough research, I found out that theres nothing difficult about these new hosting methods. For example, SEO hosting is like a regular hosting, the only thing different from a regular hosting is that I am able to have access to many IP addresses. The reason Search engines still like websites that use backlinking methods, and this current theory about the hosting method is the solution to the backlinking problem for the following reason: owing multiple IP addresses for several of my websites will allow me to crate backlinks between my own sites without Google finding out. In addition, I don’t have to use article directories anymore to obtain backlinks.

The warnings

When choosing SEO hosting packages from any web host company, we need to make sure the company is legit, not using spamming methods to get backlinks. Also, SEO hosting Packages should offer multiple C-class IP addresses for each domain/website.

When looking for cheap SEO hosting, we need to make sure that we are really getting a good deal. Cheap SEO Hosting is what we need, but we need to be careful before spending a lot of money on web hosting services we need to know if it works, and if Google is not going to penalize us.